University of Florida


Admission Requirements

The Program of Study for students in Plant Breeding and Genetics pursuing either the Master of Science or Ph.D degree will ultimately be determined by the student’s supervisory committee. Specific requirements for the M.S. are a minimum of 30 credits at least 12 of which must be in the major field and no more than 6 of which are research credits for the M.S. degree. Requirements for the Ph.D are a minimum of 90 credits of which up to 30 credits may be from a previously earned M.S. degree. A minor specialization at the M.S. level requires a minimum of 6 credits and at the Ph.D. level a minimum of 12 credits. The Plant Breeding and Genetics faculty have suggested the courses listed below as appropriate for the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees.
Undergraduate prerequisites: Degree in the plant sciences with courses in genetics, plant physiology, and biochemistry.
Masters: Required*
AGR 5321C Genetic Improvement of Plants (3 cr)
AGR 6325L Plant Breeding Techniques (1 cr)
STA 6166 Statistical Methods in Research I (3 cr)
STA 6167 Statistical Methods in Research II (3 cr)*
or equivalent courses taken at other universities

Choose 2 courses from the following:

AGR 5307 Molecular Genetics for Crop Improvement (2 cr)
AGR 6311 Population and Quantitative Genetics (2 cr)
AGR 6322 Advanced Plant Breeding (3 cr)
PCB 6555 Quantitative Genetics (3 cr)
FOR 6310 Forest Genetics and Tree Improvement (3 cr)
HOS 6201 Breeding Perennial Cultivars (3 cr)AGR 6353 Cytogenetics (3 cr)